Been a while, huh?

v0.1.5 was released over a year ago now. We've been brewing a whole host of new changes to introduce to you!


- Customisable controls
- New touch control layout options
- Option to change size of touch buttons
- Smaller default touch button size
- Portuguese translation
- Improved Mario sprites
- Improved menu sprites
- Improved FLUDD sprites
- Improved terrain sprites
- Improved HUD sprites
- Improved cheep cheep sprites
- Improved coin sprites
- Lots of new SFX
- Visible fuse timer for bob-ombs
- Underwater terrain no longer has grass
- Death smoke puffs for some enemies
- Options to mute music and SFX from the pause menu
- Exit menu is now functional
- Probably other untracked features

- Fixed feedback menu not working
- Fixed various issues with buttons not responding on mobile
- Fixed various issues with paratroopas
- Fixed getting stuck in the backflip animation
- Fixed FLUDD meter flickering between rooms
- Fixed koopas walking off cliffs
- Fixed Mario's feet hitbox covering his whole body
- Fixed the HUD getting offset in the pause menu on certain versions
- Fixed the FLUDD sprite getting misaligned while reading signs
- Fixed getting stuck in the sign animation
- Fixed the game not always muting properly
- Fixed sounds replaying when entering water
- Many other untracked fixes

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The mobile controls are so big, I can't even get past the menu

You can change them in the Settings menu. Tap the screen to get to the main menu, then tap right to get to the Settings menu. Select the settings menu, and then tap on the down arrow to reduce the size.

Problem is, the buttons are so big they cover up the button you need to press to shrink them. Consider defaulting the button size to something smaller.