Feedback menu broken

The in-game feedback menu is now broken, as of the 0.1.5 release.

Context: There was always a known issue that would allow people to spam our internal channel if they wanted to. We used a Discord webhook which was publicly available in the game's source code, and also available via decompilation. We decided to use this method regardless, on a temporary basis, trusting in the good will of the average user. Remarkably, nobody abused it until today. So, thanks! That said, today someone decided to abuse it, possibly an automated bot. The webhook was automatically deleted, so we can't simply re-enable it. This means that the feedback menu is broken permanently for versions 0.1.5 and earlier. It should be fixed for future versions, when we get around to updating the system to be more secure.

No further feedback messages will be received, on any current version of the game. If you have something to say, please say it to us directly!

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I think this project is dead.

It's alive. Here, you can see the code changes we make on our GitHub repository:

Oh, i thought nintendo shut you down

No. We'd probably tell you if that were the case.

Well, it's cool that they didn't